Smart Habits

Why pay for electricity you don't need?

In New Brunswick we all need electricity. We use it to heat our homes, to heat our water when we shower, and to entertain our family. Now that’s a lot of electricity. And that’s why it’s smart to get into electricity saving habits, or Smart Habits.

Let’s face it, New Brunswick winters can be tough. Make sure you choose a ductless heat pump that can stand up to even the coldest days of winter.

When it comes to saving money on home heating, installing a high efficiency cold climate heat pump is a smart habit to get into. These tough cookies will help keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and give your wallet a break year round.

Why pay for electricity you don’t need. Learn more about the $500 rebate for eligible ductless mini-split heat pumps and get the savings started now.

Winter won’t know what hit it.

There are vampires among us

Hear that hum coming from the shadows?

It’s that vampire hard at work keeping a few bottles of what used to be frothy homemade cola nice and cold. And who knows what’s in that frosted over freezer compartment. Pulling the plug on old vampire appliances is just one smart habit to get into. Because all that vampire is really doing is draining your electricity and the life out of your wallet.

Why is your hot water tank doing your laundry?

Your hot water heater already has a lot of work to do; it’s in charge of keeping you warm in the shower, helping to get the dishes done, so why not give your hot water heater a deserved rest?

When it comes to laundry, Cold Water laundry is a smart habit to get into. With every load, 90% of energy used goes into heating the water. And with today’s cold-water detergents, your clothes get just as clean while using a fraction of the electricity.


Beware of the phantom in your home

Beware the little red eyes glowing in the dark while you sleep. Beware the devices on stand-by. Beware, because Phantom Power is costing you. Stopping Phantom Power is a smart habit to get into. It may not seem like much but why pay for electricity you don’t need? If you use a power bar to turn off electronic devices you can reduce home energy usage up to 10%.

Everything stays warm when it's bundled up

You know that the more you bundle up, the more you keep the warmth in and cold out. It’s exactly the same with your hot water pipes. So, insulating your hot water pipes is a smart habit to get into and that means your water heater doesn’t need to work overtime replacing lost heat.

Why pay for electricity you don’t need?

There once was a house with a power meter that was all tuckered out

Every minute of every day, this poor meter was spinning like a top. With each crank of the thermostat, more power was needed to keep pace with the heat escaping out drafty windows and doors.

Then one wonderful day, the meter noticed its workload was getting lighter. By sealing windows and doors, and properly insulating the house from basement to attic, the meter began enjoying a much more balanced and rewarding life, because proper insulation is just one smart habit to get into.

Why pay for electricity you don’t need? You and your meter will be a lot happier.

Programmable Thermostats

It happens every cold New Brunswick morning. We wake up chilly and with chattering teeth. And then we turn the thermostat to the max. Imagine if every person in New Brunswick had chattering teeth and a maxed out thermostat at the same time.

That’s a lot of power and a lot of chattering teeth.

Now imagine if you could set your thermostat so you could wake up warm and it could turn down before you leave. That’s the benefit of a programmable thermostat. It saves you money and takes the chill out of your morning.

That’s why programmable thermostats are a smart habit to get into.

There once were two brothers named On and Off

Everybody loved On. He was bright and cheerful. He was more than happy to light the way… even when no one was around.

Poor old Off was always being ignored. Although he was dark, he was never gloomy. He just wanted to do his best to help his friend the bulb last longer and save as much energy as possible.

It’s real easy to make Off happy. Just be sure to turn off the lights whenever you leave the room. Because On never did anything for free.

Turning lights off when you’re not around is one Smart Habit to get into. Why pay for electricity you don’t need?

Save energy with LED light bulbs

Your old bulbs are wasting your money. But now you can save energy with LED bulbs! Why pay for electricity you don’t need?


Rare jewels aren't the only things that make shower heads incredibly expensive

You probably own one or maybe two, and it’s costing you. Old, inefficient showerheads account for an average of 25% of indoor water usage. That’s a lot of hot water…and a lot of energy to pay for. A water-efficient showerhead uses up to 30% less water without sacrificing pressure helping you save on energy bills. There really isn’t any difference between a low-flow and a regular showerhead except the money you’ll be saving.